Welcome to my blog!

Hello !

My name is Mari. I’m a 25 year old who was born in Dominican Republic, but raised in New York City.

Fed up with the stress and financial strain of city living, Jeff, my boyfriend of many years, and I packed up our stuff and headed out.

Follow us as we embark on a journey. This is our story about how we are slowly changing our ways to become more self-reliant, building a homestead, eating healthier, breaking free from the shackles of debt, and relearning how to live.

This is our story – our Urban Breakout.

The Beginning

Most of these posts were when i first decided to make the change and all the things i had to deal with from moving out of my apartment and back to my mother’s, making the decision to leave everything behind, transporting my cat, resigning from my job and other hurdles and struggles.
Urban Breakout – Why?
Urban Breakout – What?
A week left and still so much to get done
Afraid of what is to come
Letter of Resignation
Taking care of business
A Miracle and Peace of Mind
Making plans for my new life
Am i ready?
Self-reliance and Homesteading – How?!
Down these mean streets
Weekend Get Away and Glimpse of Lala land
7 Things i should’ve known before i got my first apartment
Flight booked but feeling depressed
Goodbyes and Kitty on the  Move

Our Fresh Start

We have finally made it to Arizona and are glad to start our new life. However, there are still alot of problems that we will have to face.
4 days since the move!
The post interview waiting game
Times get tough but you gotta hold on!
Things get worse
Wiring done- Making progress
Making small changes for a greater goal
Frugal Furnishing – Dining Table
Zombie Apocalypse and Syrup Shortage
Frugal Furnishing – More upcycled and recycled funiture!
Interesting turn of events – I got a job!
Tried Goat milk and cheese for the first time.
Upcycled Bird Feeders

Moving to Utah!

Due to an interesting turn of events, we moved to Utah for a seasonal job as Motel Managers. Our current plans and projects are on hold, but we’ve got tons of new things to experience.
Greetings from Utah!
Toothpaste Alternatives
Life is good…
Letting go of our Home
Business is Booming!

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