Letting go of our home…

A few days ago Jeff’s mom called us to tell us that she was going to have to put our house up for rent because she has been having financial difficulties.

Whatttt?! I know, right!

We weren’t mad, though.We get it. She has been paying double mortgages, a car, and supporting her other 3 children who live at home. It’s not easy.

However, we were a little upset (secretly) because we were going to lose our “home”. Thinking back to how much we’ve been through in that house is what really gets me.

We had roughed it out for months before the house was even livable. We lived with no hot water, no electricity, and not even a working toilet. We put so much work into the house. We are even still paying off the new carpet that we had installed.

Still, the more we thought about it the more we realized that it doesn’t make sense for us to be upset because when we do go home in 7 months, we will only be there for 3 months before we have to return to back here to Utah. She could be making extra income if she put it up for rent.  It would be selfish for us to tell her not to go forward with it.

We’re not that worried about it. Plus, she told us that we can have the house back whenever we wanted and that our stuff would be stored in the garage.

I’m starting to think that Jeff and I are doomed to be gypsies for life. Oh well, we’ve got 7 months to figure out what we are going to do.

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