Greetings from Utah!

I’m in Panguitch, Utah!

This has to be the smallest town i’ve ever been to. It’s even smaller than Bullhead City. You can literally “see” the whole town in 20 minutes!

The weather is really strange and indecisive. It goes from snowing really hard to warm and sunny within 20-30 minutes. It’s really weird. I’ve never seen that happen. It must be because we are so close to the mountains or something.

The following photos were taken within 20 minutes of each other:

Serious Sundays and Tasty Tap

This town takes Sundays very seriously. Everything closes down. It was a hard lesson to learn. We got caught with no food on a Sunday and the only thing that was open was the Gas station – all they had to offer were Hot Dogs. Bleh.

The water supposedly comes straight from the mountains, but due to federal regulation it is heavily chlorinated. That’s nothing a little filter can’t fix. The filters reduce or remove the chlorine smell and taste. The water is actually pretty tasty. What a relief!  We don’t  have to pay for bottled water like in Bullhead City.

The tap in Bullhead is horrible! It’s extremely hard water. It messes up everything because the calcium just builds up -It wrecks pipes, shower heads, or anything that has water constantly going through it.

I had to soak my shower head in Vinegar and Baking Soda every week to keep it from getting clogged. A filter won’t do anything for that tap. Some people get a reverse osmosis system set up in their homes, but we don’t have that kind of cash.  We had to constantly refill 5 gallon jugs of water at the supermarket for drinking and cooking.

Loving my new Job!

I absolutely love my new job as a Motel Manager. It’s a lot of work, but it’s nothing like the medical field – Thank God! ( I don’t think i can ever go back)

It’s a pretty peaceful job. It’s exactly what i was looking for and what i needed. We  have only had about 2-3 guests per night, but the owner says that it will pick up once the weather gets warmer.

Although we don’t have many guests come by, we have been busy setting up all the rooms. This Motel is open for business only 7 months out of the year. So, we had to wash all the linens and deep clean all the rooms. There are 16 rooms in total and its  a lot of work to set them up!

We have had 10 – 12 hour work days when we first got here.  I can tell that we love our job because instead of sleeping in, we are excited to get up and get to work.

We are about done setting up the rooms. Therefore, our work load has decreased considerably. I hardly feel like i’m working nowadays.

We get up around 6:30 to make coffee for our guests, and then start cleaning whatever rooms were used. We take an hour lunch at noon and by 3PM we are done for the day.  Guests usually don’t start showing up until 7PM, so we really have the rest of the day to do what ever we want.

We can leave the property if we want to, but there must be one of us on the property at all times to attend to any guests who show up.

Either way, It’s a really small town and there isn’t anything to see or do. I did find a really cool “Hardware” store that has all kinds of arts and craft stuff – they even have fabric and yarn! They have a beginner quilting class that i may check it out.

I spend most of my time reading and feeding birds. To my surprise, We have a fancy bird feeder on the property that we can use. We hung it up on a tree and the birds seem to love it.

Jeff and I really love feeding the birds because they keep us company. Plus, it makes me feel so happy when i step outside and i hear the chirping and singing of so many beautiful birds.

Remember when i told y’all about the Doves in Bullhead City? Well, we were really surprised to see that there was a Dove visiting us here too!

I’m really thankful that i don’t have to pay rent, or utilities. All of my money will go towards my debts.  This is really the best thing that could have ever happened to me. While, it will take me more time to set up a homestead, this path is the perfect one for me.

I am truly blessed!

Thanks for reading!


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