Upcycled Bird Feeders

When we first moved in, i started saving most of our “trash” in a box. It started as just me saving whatever i thought i could upcycle or re-purpose. However, i ended up collecting everything from cans, jars, plastic bottles, bottle caps, paper.. I almost never throw anything out anymore.

It hasn’t been a problem at all with the composting and re-using. I now have a small pile of junk that i have to put to use.While I’ve already made several things that i’m proud of, the very first thing that i made was…

A Bird Feeder!

I’ve been trying a lot harder to be a better person – that’s when two doves started showing up on our property. We’ve seen them taking dirt baths, foraging on our “lawn” (it’s all rocks and dirt), or perching on our fence.

At first i thought it was strange that these birds randomly decided to live on our property. Then i started wondering if maybe they had a deeper meaning – After all, they are Doves… Maybe, God sent them to let me know that I’m on the right path? Shrug

The moment i knew for sure happened when I was relaxing in my room and pondering this same thought. From the corner of my eyes,  i noticed one of the Doves.  It was perched on a line, leaning forward and starring into the window at me. I thought it was borderline creepy, but a joyful moment.

That moment was all the confirmation i needed. I was startled because that was just way TOO real for me. I was so overwhelmed that all i could think to do was to give thanks. I also decided that i was going to feed the Doves!

I used a used bottle of Silk, some hanging cord, craft paint, and one of those bird seed bells.. I filled the inside with wild bird seeds that i purchased from Lowes. Oh! I also had a broken hanger that i used as a perch. I didn’t have much paint, but it works.

Within hours of hanging it up there were all kinds of birds chirping and singing..  Still, i would look out the window and there were no birds on the feeder.

I suppose they needed to keep an eye on the feeder to make sure it was safe for them for a few days because today i saw my first birds! I was so excited!

They are so cute! The doves seem to only pick up the food that falls to the ground. I don’t know if they aren’t eating at the feeder because it’s too small for them or if they just prefer ground foraging..

Either way, i love watching the birds so much that i’ve decided to expand for the bigger birds who can’t fit in the house!  For this feeder i used an old strainer and I got the flowers and those bead necklaces from the dollar store.

It doesn’t really “CHIME”, but it looks pretty. I hope they enjoy this one too!


Thanks for reading!!


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