Exciting turn of events! I’ve got a job!

Job hunting wasn’t going too well for me.

I’m very much traumatized from what i went through the previous 4 years as an office manager for a multi-specialty clinic and what happened to me in my first apartment. It was an EXTREMELY difficult time in my life.
The mere thought of going back to work in the medical field sends me into a panic. It doesn’t matter what specialty, either. Hell, up until recently, I’d wake up in panic thinking that i was late to work, that i forgot to do something for work, or that the neighbors were banging on the floor..


What i went through was horrible and i don’t wish it upon anyone. However, I don’t want to get into too much detail because it’s a long story.

I try to self-soothe and tell myself, “Things will be different. The patients will be different. The work will be less demanding. Don’t worry, everything is absolutely fine!” However, none of that ever seems to help me shake the horrible anxiety that i feel.

The huge pay cut also doesn’t motivate me to get back to work. Medical assistants only make $9-12 here in Bullhead City, AZ. I wouldn’t mind taking a pay cut if i had a good benefits package. However, most offices don’t even offer you medical insurance.

To me, it’s a slap in the face. People in the Home Depot nearby make $10. Basically, i feel like i wasted two years and 20k to get a degree to make as much or less than someone who didn’t even go to college. It’s ridiculous!

Hopefully, now you may understand why i have given up looking for a job in my field. I decided to take a break for now and focus on my health. I figured everything would just work itself out…

It seems that ever since I’ve started praying things just work themselves out without much intervention from me.

And they did…

Jeff had been looking for a better job because his seasonal employment was over. Bullhead City, Arizona is a small town and jobs are hard to come by if you don’t have much experience. I suppose he got frustrated with his fruitless job hunting that he secretly sent both of our resumes in for a couples position as Live-in Motel Managers in Panguitch, Utah hoping that maybe with our combined skills we’d get a call.

I didn’t really think we’d get called back because Jeff doesn’t have much work experience. However, to my surprise, we got called back for an interview. At first i thought it was some kind of scam, but i agreed to follow through with the interviewing process.

We ended up driving for 4 hours to get there but..

I didn’t mind because It was such a scenic drive. There wasn’t any traffic all the way there. It was just a smooth and awesome cruise. That’s something you can only dream of in NYC!

We went from desert views to beautiful mountain views. It was all so breath taking. I am really glad that i made the move.

Utah was really fun to see, too. They had tons of farms on the way. So many that there were Cow crossing signs on the highway. I’ve never seen that and i thought it was pretty hilarious!

We were nervous because we saw another couple leaving as we were pulling in. We assumed they had been interviewing too. We met up with the owner of the Motel, who was a very easy going person. We felt super comfortable.  I guess, he felt the same because after an hour long interview he said to us, “I feel really good about you two. Do you want the job?”

He offered us the position right there and then! We signed the papers. It’s official – we start March 27!

We’re Live-in Motel Managers!

It’s a seasonal position. The term is 7 months long because the Motel cannot operate during the winter because it gets so cold. It’s up in the mountains, so when the temperatures drop the plumbing freezes up. For this reason, they shut everything down for the winter.

Obviously, i was a little upset because i was just getting around to starting my garden and getting some chickens. I even attended a Master Gardening seminar at the library. Our homesteading projects will be put on hold. However, it’s an excellent opportunity and opens up new doors for us.

We will be living rent/utility free for 7 months. That gives me the opportunity to put most of the money that i make towards my debts. After this term, Jeff will have management experience. The management experience will open up a whole new world for him the next time he goes job hunting.

I guess that helps me from getting too bummed out about putting my other projects on hold. Plus, I figured i can use the time to focus on and perfect my herbal remedies and alternative household products.

I feel really good about this!

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading.












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