Frugal Furnishing – My progress with recycling and up-cycling

Hello all!
I’m very excited to finally be able to give you guys an update.

I’ve been feeling especially chipper since I’ve noticed that spring time has begun.
There’s just something about feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, noticing flowers starting
to bloom, birds nesting, and bees working that sends my spirit soaring.

Our place is starting to come together, and that makes me feel great too!

There have been a few furniture additions and minor renovation projects that have taken place.
I’m not going to lie, It’s been very difficult and sometimes even frustrating to have taken the
“up-cycling & recycling” path.

Instead of just going to a store and purchasing something new, I have to turn away and wait.
Wait, until I see something that I like from places like Craigslist, Yard Sales, and thrift shops.

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Oh, the waiting..

You don’t always find those diamonds in the roughs right away. Even when you do, you probably still need to put some work into it.

Once it’s all said and done and the needed repairs have been made, an amazing feeling takes over. It’s just a feeling that you won’t ever experience from purchasing a new item. Unlike the very temporary excitement that comes from buying something new, I feel a deeper admiration and sense of respect for my used and discarded things.

Just being able to look at a furniture piece and knowing that it has a story to tell is such a beautiful thing.
I’ve started to see my things as old and worn things that people stopped loving and got rid of.

Remember the movie “The Brave Little Toaster”? This is what i think of each time!

My job is to give them another chance to be loved and beautiful again. You also get the added bonus of everything becoming a potential conversational piece. I have tons of stories that come from how I found the item, to the headaches I went through trying to fix it.


The office happens to be the only room in the house that is nearly fully  furnished. All of the items you see here were
FREE or upcycled.

The printer, desk, and chair were all gifts from Jeff’s Grandma. She was downsizing and decided to pass them along to us. The vase was made out of recycled materials and dollar store flowers. The ashtray was a Christmas gift from Jeff’s mom. She made it from an ashtray and a candle holder that she got from the dollar store.

Our best find yet was the laptop!

Jeff’s brother, Jesse, is one of the techy types. He’s the go to guy for any IT problems. His room is also like a cave of treasures waiting to be explored. Jesse is that one guy that has all sorts of electronics and spare parts that no one else ever has.

One day Jesse showed up and kind of just dropped the laptop off. He said, “If you can fix it, you can
have it.” So, yeah! This laptop is working GREAT!
It was nothing too serious! All it needed was a quick reformat and a new charger.

I want to end this with a message to you who may be on the same path. Have patience, positivity, and above all – ALWAYS have faith..

Just know that in the end, you are doing a world of good.By “adopting” a discarded or used item, you are doing all of the following things
– Saving money
– Helping the environment by keeping one more thing out of the landfills.
– You are giving an item a new life.
– You are showing yourself and other people that it can be done and is most definitely is worth the effort.

Thanks for reading!

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