Making small changes for a greater goal PT.1

Slowly but surely things are coming along. I’m getting more comfortable in my new town, making small dietary adjustments, and i’m adjusting to making and using all of my homemade cleaning products. I’ve also been delving into herbal and natural remedies.

It’s been quite an exciting journey. Sometimes, i feel like a mad scientist or a witch brewing up a mysterious batch. It’s really fun and I think everyone should try it out.

Here are some of the small changes I’ve made in my life to get closer to my goal of living an eco-friendly, self-sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.

Adjusting to homemade cleaning products

homemade cleaning products

I’ve been making my own homemade cleaning products since i moved out here in Arizona. That makes it 3 months since I’ve bought any commercial cleaners. Personally, i don’t think it’s too much of a hassle at all to keep up.

I think it’s actually fun. Sometimes it’s frustrating, though. There are times when i want my dish soap to be thicker than it came out. Or maybe i want my detergent to smell stronger. However, these are really small frustrations and are all part of learning.

It doesn’t take much time. If you have 15 minutes to spare – you have time to make a couple of your own cleaning supplies and It’s really worth it, too. They can last a very long time depending on how often you use them. You will save money, cut down on consumption and waste from the plastic bottle, and you’ll be healthier by not having to inhale or be exposed to chemicals.

At first you will probably be like me and miss the “look and feel” of commercial cleaners. Yet, if you tweak your amounts and techniques, i am sure that you will find a nice common ground. When you do that, you will never even think of buying commercial cleaners again!

I know that we haven’t missed them at all! I’ll be tackling body wash, shampoo, and conditioner next.

See ya, Microwave.

We had always discussed giving up the microwave. However, it was not something that Jeff and I planned to do. We were concerned about the radiation that microwaves emit and also concerned about the loss of nutrients in our food while using the microwave, but that’s all we ever discussed.  We never really wanted to make an effort to actually get rid of it. It’d be way too difficult to give up!

I supposed it’s because having a microwave is just so convenient.

The only reason we actually “gave it up” was because we had to leave it behind when we moved. Anyway, whatever the initial reason for giving it up was… i don’t think it’s relevant. We are still reaping the benefits and suffering without a microwave.

It’s been really difficult to adjust because we had to find new techniques to re-heat leftovers. You think it’d be easy, but I’ve found that some things taste better when re-heated in the oven, but sometimes thing are better reheated on a pan with a shot of water. So, we’ve been experimenting.

It takes sooo much more time to re-heat food. It drives me nuts. I’m clearly microwave spoiled. Still, I’ve come to see that as a blessing in disguise. When ever i’m having food cravings, I’ve started to opt for fruit or a quick snack as opposed to heating up a plate of left overs. So, it has helped me cut some calories here and there.

Not going to lie, though. I do miss the microwave, but i’m sure i’ll get used to living without it.

I’ve also started composting, upcycling, and brewing my own Kombucha! I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

Thanks for reading!


What are some small changes that you have made for a greater goal?


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  1. Hey Mari, an angelica root infusion will add/increase odor-reducing/eliminating in cleaning products.

    1. Ohh! Thanks! I didn’t know that. I love to learn about new things that i can add to certain recipes. I’ll think about using some angelica root to that! Do you know of any way to thicken liquids? Borax doesn’t seem to work well for me. I’m thinking it’s because of our extremely hard water.

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