Wiring is done – Making progress!

Things have been improving since my last post. Jeff’s step-dad, Jim, got here last week to spend thanksgiving with us. He was only here for a week, but he got so much done for us with such little time.

Jim checked out all of our electrical wiring. As it turns out, the guys that had checked it out  previously were wrong about quite a lot of things. They had told us that the house would need to be completely re-wired because the people who were squatting here ripped out all of the copper wiring. It’s surprising because one of them was a contractor and another was a handyman.

I’m glad we opted for a second opinion. Jim is a Navy vet. He has worked several years designing and building Navy vessels. He has helped build several structures and has a lot of experience with electrical work. Plus, he was raised on a farm. He’s super handy! All I can say is, Thank Goodness for Jim!

When Jim looked at all of our wires he found out that we already have copper wiring. He just thinks that the other guys had no idea what they were doing or they were misled because some silver wiring was coming out of the light fixtures.. Jim explained this to me, but I cant figure out what he said about it… It made sense at the time. The point is, we won’t need to do anything to the wiring at all!

We haven’t had any power issues since Jim messed around with it. We have hot water all the time now and he got our stove hooked up too! He even got us a brand new toilet.

Ah, the things people take for granted. Not sure when I’d ever been so happy and appreciative to have a working toilet.

We are a lot more comfortable in the house. We are starting to feel like things are coming together. We still have a lot of projects pending. We need to  finish the living room painting. We are also getting the kitchen, hall, and bathroom floors re-done. These won’t be the last things that need to be fixed, but they are the highest on our list of things that need to get done.

Slowly but surely things are coming together!

I’ll have to tell you, though. Leaving everything behind and starting off with nothing sure helps put things into perspective. It really helps you understand what things are absolutely necessary, and what things you can live without.

We’re trying to only have what is necessary and nothing more.  We are also trying to cut down on how many things we waste.

So far it’s been a very interesting journey.


Thanks for reading!

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