Things get worse

I never gave up on the hospital job. I kept calling Human Resources until i found out what was going on.

Apparently, the reason why i wasn’t contacted was because the administrative assistant, Joe, that i had interviewed with put in a request for a medical assistant. However, that position was never approved. He has conducted that interview assuming that the position was going to get approved. Unfortunately, it was not approved. So it never even went through Human Resources.

That was so messed up..

My saved up cash was running out and things were looking bleak.

Luckily, I had another interview at a Pain Medicine clinic and I was offered a job. I really don’t want to work for Pain Management again, but what other choice do I have.

I don’t feel like I’m ready to go back to work, but I have so many bills that I can’t afford not to. I really need to get rid of all this debt. Everything is much more difficult when you’ve got loads of debt.

I really wish i could find a way to make money from home.

In other news, our power situation is just getting worse and worse. We didn’t have power for a couple of days. It was horrible. I’m starting to think that we probably will not able to live in this place comfortably. However, we are currently living rent-free. So i will not complain.

This is not what i expected when i  moved out here..With all these unforeseen issues, I haven’t been able to do what I’ve wanted to do. I haven’t been able to start a garden or anything!

I’m hoping that once I get to work, ill be able to focus more on my self-sustanability. For now, i do what i can.

I have been making our own laundry detergent, and household cleaners. They work really well and I am really pleased with the results. Especially with the bathroom cleaner. I’ll post the recipe once i tweak it a bit more. I made my first batch of liquid laundry detergent, but it wasn’t as gelled as I wanted it. I’m going to tweak the recipe a bit and see what I get this time around.

Thanks for reading

Wish me luck!


  1. Aah, I read most of your newer posts and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome how spirited you can stay with all those issues, it’s really key honestly. But since the place isn’t fixed up, the garden may take some time to commit to and then work…it’s a lot to tackle!!! One at a time…one at a time. Keep your head up and share that recipe. :3

    Btw, I never knew Jeff was that nice, sounds like he’s a really supportive partner which is sooooo important in these kind of situations. Kudos to you!

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