Times get tough, but you gotta hold on!

It’s been a month since I’ve moved. Yet, not much has been done. It’s actually been a really difficult living situation. I really like it here, but our home wasn’t as “livable” as we were told it would be.

The roof was fixed, but there are still so much more things that need to be done. We still don’t have the stove set up, the floors are still not replaced, the walls are not completely done, we don’t have a toilet, and home depot messed up on the carpet ordering! Ugh!

The Stove & Floor Situation

Jerry is the guy who fixed the roof for us, and was supposed to install our flooring for us. Unfortunately, he’s been flaking. Leda says he just has other jobs at the moment. So we’ve decided to wait it out until Jim, Jeff’s step-dad, get’s home sometime this month to help us work on the house. He will install our floors, rewire the house, and buy us a new toilet.

Yeah… We don’t have a working toilet. It’s the most annoying thing ever.  It does not fill up with water. We thought that it was a problem with the water, but as it turns out, the toilet is not hooked up to the plumbing at the bottom of the house. If we try to flush, the “nasties” just get dumped at the bottom of the house and start stinking up the place. Eww, right? Needless to say, the toilet is off-limits. Every time we need to use the bathroom we need to walk over next door to Leda’s house. I really hate having to do that, but we have no other choice.

Thankfully, our shower works.

Home Depot Carpet Nightmare

Home depot totally screwed us. After a month of waiting on our carpet, they finally get around to installing it. Only, they ordered the wrong carpet. Which, I didn’t find out until after they had already torn up our old carpet. I wasn’t even home when they were doing that. They didn’t call me to let me know they were working on it.

It was just a really bad day. They tried to get me to keep the carpets which was total bullshit because we had already been waiting a month, it’s not even the color we wanted and we would have to pay the equal amount for the wrong product! I was stuck in the position where i had to keep the carpet because they had already torn up our old ones. Jeff cursed them out and they ended up giving us a 10% discount, letting us keep these carpets for now, and reordering the correct one at no charge.

Now, we have to wait another 3 weeks for the right carpet. We’re just glad we are still getting the carpet we wanted and we get to have these new ones instead of the old crust dirty ones for now.

Wall painting disaster

We tried to sand, and prime the walls ourselves, but that quickly turned into disaster. Jeff and i were working on it together, but since he had to go to work. I decided to keep at it myself to get it done.

Maybe i should stick to the kitchen and things I’m better at because that was just an epic failure on my part. I tripped on a vent and broke a window with my arm. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been because i ended up only having four cuts. Only one of my cuts needed stitches. Unfortunately, that added a new hospital bill to the mix and now we need to replace that window.

That’s what i get for trying to be handy. :(!

I’m still playing the post-interview waiting game. I still have not heard from Human Resources, but it seems like the lady is just taking her time for processing.

The moral of this story is…

 Always try to stay positive.  It’s difficult, i know. Whenever i get depressed about our living conditions, i just remember that there are thousands of people out there who have it even worse than i do. There are people that are starving, have no water, and are homeless.

I am truly blessed to have shelter. I am blessed to have family that is helping us our through our difficult times. I try to give thanks for the little things that i do have instead of focusing and dwelling on what i don’t. It’s difficult at times, but I’m taking it day by day.

Everything will start coming together slowly.

Thanks for reading!


Sorry i’ve been slow with the posting. I still don’t have a computer and i probably won’t for a while. Yet, I’m still making an effort to post when i can. If you want me to post about something specific, you can always message me and let me know what things you are interested in hearing about.

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