The post interview waiting game

It’s been days since my last post, and i do apologize. I still do not have my own computer, but don’t worry – you have not missed much.

The interview

The interview at the hospital went well. It’s another clinic position (Bleh!), however, this time it’s Gasteroenterology (G.I). I have no experience with G.I and i would’ve preferred to stay within Gynecology. Still, beggars can’t be choosers. I met the staff and everyone seemed very pleasant, which, didn’t surprise me. Everyone i have meet here is pleasant.

They were very impressed by my qualifications and told me that really wanted me on board, but i still have not heard back from them. They even gave me documentation to study… So, what the heck?! They made it seem as though i would hear from Human Resources to continue the hiring process, but i have yet to receive a call.

At this point, i’m just confused. I called the administrator to follow up, but he was just as confused as i was. I guess the hold up is on the H.R side. So, i’ll just continue to wait. Not sure if i should be worried or not.

I’m really excited about starting to work because they give FULL benefits. That’s something i didn’t have back in NYC. I’d be getting Medical, Dental, Vision, 401 K, tuition reimbursement, and other benefits. I still don’t know what the pay will be like because that will be decided by HR based on my experience and qualifications.


I even had to buy a car because if i did get the job, i would be required to travel to different clinics, as needed. They made it seem as though they needed someone right away and so i rushed to get a car.

I had originally wanted to buy an old used car, but the old cars here are not even worth buying. Most of the cars that were for sale needed work, or had an obscene about of miles on the odometer. I needed something reliable that wasn’t going to give me problems in the near future. So, i coughed up some savings cash and bought a Ford Fusion 2011 Hybrid. It’s used, but it only had 23k miles. It’s still covered under the factory warranty and it’s a hybrid. I get great gas mileage. There are days where i get as much as 60mpg. I’m not too happy about the added debt, but i think i made a good decision on the type of car.

I just hope they finish the hiring process soon before the payments start kicking in!¬†Luckily, Jeff got a job at Kmart. It’s not the best pay, but any job is better than no job. He’s so lucky!

Wish me luck!!


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