Things are going smoothly… 4 days since I’ve moved.

It’s been three days since I’ve moved and to my surprise, things have been wonderful. I think I am adapting to my new lifestyle easily. I’ve been really active since I’ve been here because the house just has so many issues and we’ve been running errands all day to get the house in shape… Well, at least livable.

The electricity hadn’t been hooked up because the people who were living there before us ripped out all the copper wiring when they moved out. Why would anyone do that?!

Front of the “House”


The west side entrance of the house.


East side Entrance. A broken door and a scruffy garage in the backround.

We’ve been staying with Jeff’s family for a few days while we have some people check out the electricity. We still have to clean up and get some things straightened out.

Apparently, the house needs to be re-wired because it has all aluminum wiring, which, I’ve learned is a very bad thing. Aluminum wires can’t really handle too many things plugged in at a time.

Supposedly, it’s so bad that everyone who looked at it gave the same “WTF?” look every time. I’ve never had a house so these issues are all new to me.

Anyway, for safety purposes, they need to replace the aluminum with copper wiring.

Jeff’s mother, Leda, knows a guy who is good at repairs and stuff like that. He has agreed to work on it, but he needs to get some permits before he touches anything. He seems to know what he’s doing and I trust her judgement. So, we’ll see how that turns out.

The carpets and floors are in terrible shape. They to be replaced. There really is no saving them.

I had thought to just shampoo the carpets, but they have really deep stains and I just don’t think that they will come out.  So,we’ve decided to replace the carpets in the living room, and the bedrooms. The kitchen floors and the halls will get new laminate flooring and we are going to tile the bathroom.

Today, we had someone from Home Depot come out and measure the floors for the carpet installation. I’m hoping that we will have the carpets replaced sometime next week. We have a lot of work to do but the place has potential.

Living room and an Icky carpet.

Living room, It’s such an icky carpet, right? I also hate the wood panels!


Messy Kitchen and nasty floors.

I haven’t adjusted to the new time zone and I keep waking up around 5 – 6 AM. For me, it still feels like 9 -10 AM!  Jeff says he’s already adjusted to the time zone. He tries to get me to stay in bed, but I just can’t go back to sleep. Plus, I like being up early.

Since everyone is always sleeping when I wake up, I’ve started a walking routine in the morning. I walk all the way to Safeway (Super market). This takes me about an hour to walk there and back. There’s a bunch of hills. Man, It’s a killer for a recovering couch potato like me.

I’ve been trying my best to stay active and I’m really proud of myself.

We also adopted a dog! His name is Nato and he is a German Sheppard/Boxer mix. We figured that we needed a guard dog for the property, and Leda was giving him up for adoption because she doesn’t have time for him.

He’s about 5 months old and he is the sweetest thing! He’s going to be a big dog. He’s such a sweet-heart, though.  I’m questioning his guarding potential, but I’ve been told that he’ll get more protective once he’s older. I wouldn’t know – Nato is my first dog.


It’s nice to have Nato around because he accompanies me on my morning walks!

I’ve shared my plans of self-sustainability with Jeff’s family and they are really happy and excited. They want to take part in these changes too! They are just as excited to get things started as I am. All this excitement has led us to skip forward a few steps and start planning a garden. I’ll talk more about that in a later post, though.

Today, I went to a job fair at the Hospital and I feel like things went well. They said that they would call me back on Monday. I really hope that I get a job because they have great benefits.

People here are so pleasant that I feel so at home. Everyone greets each other and people talk to me when I’m in the supermarket, or Walmart. It’s a nice feeling that i’ve never felt before. The feeling of belonging to a community.

It seems like transitioning hasn’t been too difficult for me. Mostly, because I’ve been around family. Still, I am so blessed and happy about this move and I have not regretted a thing – so far.

Thanks for reading!!’

P.S. I’m still disconnected for the most part. I borrowed Leda’s laptop to blog and search for job postings, but that’s about it.

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