Good-byes and Kitty on the Move

Last week was a strange week.
Just knowing that it was my last week and that I would be moving away seemed surreal. During the week, I just didn’t know what to feel. Sometimes I felt depressed and other times I felt just fine.

My last day at work was the worse. We all went out for Hibachi for a Good-Bye dinner. The big bosses, the doctors, my staff, they all went… I was sad that Dr. Simons and Dr. Cuevas didn’t make it, but they went out with me the week before. It was really nice and we all had a great time. I tried to hold it together but I just exploded with emotion when I got home. I think I cried for about an hour and a half. I guess, that’s when it really “hit” me.

Good Bye, Woodlawn!

Good Bye, Woodlawn!

This time, there wasn’t anything that Jeff could’ve said to make it any better. Instead, he just snuggled me while I cried and told me that everything would be fine. At least, we still had each other.

I will miss my family and friends dearly. I have peace of mind knowing that if things don’t work out, I will always have a place to come back to. They told me that if I ever decided to come back, that I would still be able to come back to my job.

I was just a mopey mess after that.

The only thing that got me out of that funk was knowing that my cat, Mini, was on the move! Remember how I had to hand him over to a non-profit group that helps transport pets in need? (A Miracle and Peace of Mind)

Well, they called me on Friday and told me that Mini was on his way to Arizona! They were able to find enough volunteer drivers to get him from Pittsburgh to Arizona. I’m so grateful for them. They really helped us out a whole lot! I’m glad I didn’t have to give my Kitty away.  They have all been great. They’ve been sending me pictures the whole way there. Mini doesn’t look afraid or nervous one bit. Mini get’s to Bullhead City tonight! I’m so happy that I’ll have my cutie Kitty waiting for me!


Driver from Oklahoma passing Mini off to Tracy from Texas!

From Missouri to Oklahoma!

Our flight is tomorrow at 12PM. We will arrive Las Vegas at 6PM and from there we will drive all the way to our new home.
This will be our first time seeing our home. We have only seen pictures. From what we have seen, the place needs ALOT of work. I try not to get discouraged because it has a lot of potential. I think that we will be happy there.

It will be harder to update my blog out there because we wont have a computer for a while, but I think I may be able to just stop by the library and use their computers.

Wish me luck!!

Thanks for reading!

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