Weekend Getaway and Glimpse at Lala land

With two weeks left of NYC, I’ve been trying to spend as much time with my best friends as possible. This weekend we went up to the Poconos mountains in Pennsylvania for a weekend get-away at my friend Jason’s family’s trailer. It’s more like a vacation home that they use on the weekends during the summer. This weekend was free, so we took advantage and drove up!

I love everything about visiting!

I love everything about visiting!

My other friends don’t quite get why i love it so much. They always ask “What is there to do up there?”, and i guess.. There isn’t anything to do there. That’s the beauty of it. We just go up there to enjoy the awesome fresh mountain air, scenery, and just relax. No computers, no phones – Disconnected. We got there Friday night and all we did was play charades, drink beer, watch TV, and just chill out on the deck looking at the moon. It’s surprising at how bright the moon actually is outside of the city. Sometimes i forget that there are stars… I barely see them in the city!

Hey, I see you!

Hey, I see you!

We even had some deer just chillin’ in the yard. I thought it was awesome. It feels good to be so close to nature.

It really makes me wonder why anyone would want to live in the city. I don’t get it!

Still, I experienced a glimpse of what it will be like to live out of the city’s conveniences. It was scary.

You see, It had started to rain and we were hungry. We didn’t have anything to eat in the trailer. We wanted to go grab something to eat, but it’s not like being back here in NYC, where we could just walk across the street and get a pizza, sandwich, McDonald, KFC, or Chinese food – nope, not here. We had to drive about 15 – 20 minutes away to get any kind of food. At first, i was dreading the drive… I would’ve much rather have starved then get up to take the ride.


That’s when i started thinking that it was going to be REALLY difficult to adjust to living away from the city.  The city girl in me was having a tantrum. I secretly panicked and started wondering what i was going to do out in Arizona. There is no calling to have food delivered. It’s either you make the trip or you don’t get anything at all! I felt like i was doomed!

Eventually, i gave in and i finally took the ride. I was glad that i did. I was actually happy that it was going to be that difficult to get to fast-food. Will this mean I’ll finally be able to eat healthy without all the temptations in my face? Will this mean i’ll finally become active?

Pretty cool.

This has also made me think that Jeff and I have to come up with some kind of system. Some way for us to eat healthy, feed ourselves, and not have to cook every day.  You see, we still have not mastered how to be adults. We are working on it, but cooking is definitely one of our most dreaded things to do. It’s not like we don’t know HOW to cook.. We just dislike having to cook and doing the dishes afterwards.

Another thing that i experienced on my weekend get away was slipping out what i called “Lala land”.

It’s a veil that the city life puts over your eyes. It’s the land of covet!

The feeling that you need bigger, better, newer things to feel happy. Bigger apartment, bigger house, newer appliances, new furniture, shoes, make-up, dresses, new everything.

Instead, i felt content with what i did have. I may not have the best things, but i have what i need. Therefore, I was content. I don’t need more. Now, I’m not saying that it’s bad to want better things, i just think that alot of the times we want better things for the wrong reasons. It’s not out of necessity. It’s more because we want those material things to feel good about what we have.

The city does that to you, though.

You won’t even notice it, either.

I didn’t notice.

Still, now I’m back and I’m already feeling myself slipping back in.

Just glad that it’s only temporary.

I really can’t wait to start my new life.

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