Self-Sustanibility and Homesteading – How?!

So I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’m looking to accomplish. There are just so many things that I want to do that I had no idea where to start. I’ve decided to organize myself and break everything up into what I call “PHASES”. Each “PHASE” has a specific goal to work towards and projects to help me become more self-sustainable. Things will also become more elaborate as we get deeper into the phases.

This is just a fun way for me to stay focused, organize my goals, and set up a starting point. It may also help those of you who are beginners to homesteading and don’t know where to start. You can do as much as YOUR situation allows you to, as everyone has different situations. So here we go!

Phase 1 – Reduction Phase


Try to lower as many bills as possible by cutting unnecessary costs, reducing interest rates, and paying off small debts.

Objective: To reduce debt and get rid of unnecessary material possessions.

The point of this phase is to start working towards simplifying your life and getting rid of the things that you don’t need. When you have less stuff, you have less clutter!  Also, work out a budget to start reducing your debt.

Project#1 – Sell/Donate/Eliminate what is unnecessary.

I’ve already sold, donated, and thrown out most of our stuff. The only things I’ve kept are our TV, computers, and our clothes. Obviously, we need to furnish the house. However, I intend to only obtain the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY ITEMS. I am planning on getting as much of the things that I will need from Craigslist, recycling, up-cycling, and donations. I assume that I will have to buy some things, but I will try to keep that to a minimum. I will make sure that if i do have to make a purchase, that i put a lot of thought into what i am buying so that i get something that i can use for a very long time!

Project #2 – Set up a budget to work towards debt reduction [Debt reduction will continue throughout all phases until debt free!]

Project#3 – Clean up your diet! Eliminate pre-packaged, pre-cooked, fast-food, processed foods.

Read the ingredients. If you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it! Research it first, and decide whether or not you want to put that in your body. Look for organic foods and opt for GMO and additive free alternatives. This will be difficult, but this is something that is very important to me because I want to become healthier and clean up my diet. At this time, we wont be focusing on growing our food – that will come later on.

Phase 2 – Breaking out of the consumer shackles

Time to start making your own stuff!

Time to start making your own stuff!

Objective: Cut down on expenses by decreasing money spent on consumer goods. Start becoming more self-sustainable by creating homemade cleaning solutions and other household necessities. I believe that the following are the easiest things to start out with:

Project#1 Soap

Project#2 Laundry Detergent

Project#3 Fabric Softener

Project#4 Liquid Dish Soap

Project#5 All Purpose Cleaner

Project#6 Floor Cleaner/Carpet Cleaner

[I may or may not add things to this list]


Phase 3 – Start a Garden

If you are a beginner, plan to start small and eventually work your way up!

Objective: In this phase, we will start working on our gardens. We will start with one or two vegetables, one common herb of your choice that YOU use often for cooking, and an easy to grow medicinal herb of your choice.

Project#1 – Plan out what kind of garden will be best for your situation. ie., Raised bed, container, or ground gardening

Project#2 – Start Cooking Herb

Project#3 – Start Medicinal Herb

Project#4 – Start 1 or 2 Vegetables

That’s it for now!

As you can see, every phase has a purpose. Every phase helps us to become more self-sustainable. If you guys have any suggestions about things I should add, feel free to message me or leave a comment below.

Hopefully, some of you will start some of these with me and we can journey through this together!

I will be starting this as soon as I get out in Bullhead City, AZ. I still do not have a date for my flight. Once I have an official start date. I will let you all know! That way we can start together!

I do plan on recording all of these projects on YOUTUBE! I think it will help me stay on track and keep me accountable. Plus, You all get to laugh at my beginner mistakes and learn with me! :D!

Thanks for reading!

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