Making plans for my new life

Last Saturday, was our last day at our apartment. We weren’t able to sell all of our stuff.  We had to bring some of it with us to my mother’s apartment. We’ve posted a couple of ads on Craigslist to sell things like our dresser, microwave, and some other small items.

I can’t wait until we sell them because we can use all the money we can get for this move. I’m also waiting on the check for my security deposit. Jeff made sure that he left the apartment nice and clean because we definitely want that money back!

My new life is waiting!

I really can’t wait to start my new life. I still have 4 weeks to go, but I constantly catch myself day-dreaming about all the things that I want to do once I get out there.

I can’t wait to start baking bread, raising chickens, goats, and growing my food – I’m just excited about transitioning to a different life-style! Goat!

I’ve been doing as much research as i can on the above mentioned topics. I’m always reading about farming, homesteading, and self-sustainability. I’ve been planning and have different projects that I’m going to attempt once I’m out there.

Yet, I’m a little afraid because i have no idea about how this will turn out – the complete opposite of my current life. I just don’t know how i will cope.

I gotta have plans!

So, I’ve been developing different plans about how I will deal with different aspects of my life to make the change easier.

Financially, I need to pay off my debt as quickly as possible. So, I will definitely need to get back to working full-time. However, I’ve also been creating ideas to make money from home. Some of these ideas include:

  • Making my own soaps, body washes, and small gift packets and sell them.
  • Once i start raising chickens and Goats, i can sell the extra eggs/milk.
  • Selling baked goods
  • Selling Herbs/Herbal remedies

I still have to iron out some details, but those are just things that I’ve been thinking about in the financial aspect. I would really love to work from home at some point.

In regards to coping with such a big change, I’ve been thinking of ways to adjust to my new surroundings as quickly as possible. So far, I think that the best way to get adjusted is to get out there and meet a lot of new people. I need to make new friends and go out and explore. I’m planning on just roaming around the neighborhood to get adjusted to the area and get to know where everything is. It shouldn’t be too difficult…  I have Jeff to lean on for support. I  just really need to keep myself busy out there. That way, I won’t have any time to mope around and get depressed.

So, that’s what I’ve been brewing up in my mind.
At this point, that’s all I CAN do for now – think, research, and plan.

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