A Miracle and Peace of Mind

Mini on the Mic

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was waiting for a miracle to happen so that I wouldn’t have to send my cat, Mini, to Arizona by cargo. Not only were they charging me $291.00 to ship Mini, they weren’t going to care for him. I’d have to pay that much just for them to throw him to the side with the rest of the animals and cargo shipments. However, this would’ve been my only option to keep him.

Prior to the end of my lease, I had been asking around to family, friends, and animal associations to see if anyone would watch him for a month or two, while we got everything ready and moved out to Arizona. Yet, no one had space or was willing to foster him.  I couldn’t bring him to my mother’s house because she and my 2 year old nephew, who she cares for throughout the week, are severely allergic to cats. I did not want to send him to a shelter because I knew that it was highly likely that he would not get adopted because he is an older and huge cat. (He weighs 23.4lbs. That’s the size of 3 average newborns babies!)

With only two weeks left, I decided that I had to put him up for adoption or find someone who may foster him for a while so that I could take him with me on the plane when I moved. I was deeply saddened by this because I would’ve never wanted to give him up. Just as my mother would have never given me up, I would never give Mini up, either. Finding someone to trust with your animals is also a very difficult thing to do.

Still, I posted an ad on Craigslist explaining our situation and asking to see if someone would be able to help foster or adopt him.  That is when I was contacted by someone who put me on to Temporary Foster Cats(TCF). TCF, is a non-profit group that helps find foster care for cats. I sent them an email and they quickly went to work trying to find someone who could help me foster him. At the same time, Jeff’s Mom told us that she would be willing to foster him until we moved out there. The only problem now was how transport Mini over to Arizona.

I kept in contact with TCF, and they referred me to Imagine Home. Imagine home is another non-profit group to help transport homeless and foster pets to their destinations. At this point, I only had a few days left.  I tried to keep my faith and stay strong. If they couldn’t help me, I would HAVE to send him through cargo. I’d have to use my credit card because i didn’t have the money, but it was the only option that I had.

Friday was my final night with Mini before I had to ship him. He had just gotten his health certificate, updated rabies vaccine for travel, and his flight was booked for Saturday at 3:40PM. That very night, a miracle happened!

I got a call that night from Kelly at Imagine Home. She told me that she had found Mini a foster! I would have to meet up with a woman named Teresa in New Jersey in the morning. She would hold mini overnight and then she would drop Mini off to a woman named Linda in Pennsylvania. Linda would foster Mini until they worked out the logistics and found drivers to get him over to Arizona. I was lucky that i have a great friend who was willing to drive me to NJ to drop Mini off.

I met up with Teresa yesterday at 11:30AM. It was still difficult, but at least it’s not a Good-Bye. It’s a “See you soon”.

Mini in the carrier on the way to met up with Teresa.

Mini in the carrier on the way to met up with Teresa.

They’ve already sent me updates and pictures of my Mini. It seems like he is doing well.You guys just don’t know how happy this has made me. I know that he is a good home with someone who is going to give him a lot of love and care. They are also helping me get him over to Arizona. This also really helped because I really didn’t have the money.

I’m really happy and grateful that this happened. I have peace of mind and now I can focus on other things because I know that Mini is in good hands! I’m so glad that there are still good people in this world.

My prayers were answered and that just goes to show you that, no matter how grim things get, If you have faith in God, he WILL come through.

Thank you all for the support and prayers!

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