A short update, and thoughts on Medicine

medium_7736032314Goal #1 Progress update

I’ve made little progress on my first goal of moving out of my current apartment.  I decided to physically leave the apartment earlier and stay with my mother to cut down on some bills and increase my savings for the move. I’m glad that I got around to cancelling my utilities, cable, and phone service. Still, I’ve got a lot of packing to do.  I’m planning on getting  most of the packing done this Sunday. Overall, I’m glad at the little progress that I’ve made so far. Since i don’t have much to say about that, I’ll talk about something else that has been on my mind quite a lot.

Medicinal Herbs

As a medical assistant, I am constantly educating patients about diseases, procedures, and medications. I, large_4918508945personally, really like to go into detail to make sure that patients are fully aware, informed, and understand exactly what risks, complications, or side-effects a certain procedure or medication might have. I do this because I want them to make informed decisions regarding their health.

While I love and admire doctors, as I aspire to be a physician myself, I do not always agree with some of their treatments or how they sometimes present information to their patients.

It’s a lot easier to give a patient, whom i will refer to as Mr. Smith, a prescription such as Norvasc for his high blood pressure than to spend an extra 15 – 20 minutes discussing possible life-style changes that he can make to lower, or cure his high blood pressure without the use of the medication. I mean, there may be cases where even life-style changes do not improve the condition. Only then, do I feel it’s necessary to start some form of treatment.

Of course, once those pills are done, Mr. Smith will have to make another appointment to get a refill of his prescriptions. Another consultation? Well, that’s more money into the doctor’s pocket. At least Mr. Smith’s blood pressure is under control, and every one is happy, right?

Maybe. Yet, I wonder if Mr. Smith really knows that the same medication that is lowering his blood pressure, is at the same time ruining his kidneys? I wonder if he knows that the same medication also puts him at higher risk for myocardial infractions? I could go on and on about the possible side-effects, but you can just click on the following link and see for yourself : http://www.drugs.com/norvasc.html.

Sadly, this is true for all, if not, most medications available to the public today. While they may cure one thing, they are also ruining something else. Each pill comes with a list of possible side-effects, but most people do not even bother to read the little inserts that come with their prescription bottles. Some doctors do not even bother to explain the very real dangers of these medications. After all, the medical field, along with many other things has itself become a business.


It’s even more saddening that sometimes, doctors aren’t even doing this intentionally. In my clinic, one doctor may see up to 40 patients within a 4-5 hour time slot. That’s an insane amount of patients to see within such a short amount of time. A lot of the time they are just trying to get through all of the patients as quickly as possible. Why are they doing this? Well, because the big bosses are telling them that they need to see more and more patients. More patients equal more money.

We do not really know what these things are truly doing to our bodies. Just because someone tells you that it’s good for you doesn’t mean that it is. We often forget that these pills are chemicals that we are introducing into our bodies. Chemicals that have been synthesized and created by humans.

These are the reasons why I started looking into alternative natural forms of medications, such as herbal medicine. To avoid any misinformation, as I still have a lot to learn, I will not go into much detail at this moment. I’ve always been wary of pills and medicine in general.  I do not like to take any medications unless I am extremely sick or in excruciating pain. Otherwise, I usually ride it out.

I’ve been thinking about growing my own medicinal herbs, and making my own herbal remedies. I’ve always loved gardening and the medical field. Needless to say, I’m very excited to merge the two. I’ve decided to start off with the most common symptoms such as migraines, menstrual cramps, insomnia, and inflammation. It seems like most of the people around me are experiencing these types of symptoms on a regular basis.  My plan is to combine different type of herbs and experiment with different mixtures.


Once I come up with a mixture that I like, I’ll distribute it around close friends and family that are willing to help me out and give them a try. For research purposes, I would also be willing to offer free samples to my readers to get feedback about the effectiveness of certain herbal remedies. If it’s something that turns out to work really well, I would be more than happy to write an article with the recipe and instructions as to how to prepare the remedies.

In closing, I would like to pose the following questions:

What are your thoughts on the use of all of these pills available to us today? Do you believe that they are more harm than good? If not, please, elaborate on your thoughts on this subject.

What are your thoughts on herbal medicine? Have you ever tried any herbal remedies? If so, have they worked. How effective do you think they are? Do you believe that herbal medicine is harmful in any way?

I’m very excited to read your thoughts and opinions on this subject.

Thanks for reading and please check back next week!


  1. Hey, Mari. I found your blog post very interesting to say the least. Strongly against drugs/pharma and synthetics unless it is absolutely necessary to save a life in an ACUTE situation. Herbal remedies, while natural, must also be used with caution. Like drugs, they have interactions with other things we ingest/put into our body.

    I think if the general public cared more for their health, so would doctors or at least a reform would be easier to implement…but as this unquoted saying goes – if you don’t even care for yourself, why should anyone else? It’s cruel, but it’s true. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and I think a huge part of it is nutrition, not necessarily herbs or drugs alone or predominantly.

    P.S. – it’s been a long time since we chatted, hit me up!!

    1. I totally agree. Still,there are times that i wonder if it really is that they don’t care about their health or that they are just uninformed.
      I still don’t know much about herbal medicine, but i’ve been doing alot of research. I’m so glad that you pointed that out about interactions because i was wondering about that this morning. It seems like all i have been reading are the benefits of herbal medicine, but I havent seen many warnings. I figured there must be some kind of side-effects or contraindications and I told myself that i would look that up when i got home. So, it’s funny that you would mention that-It’s like you read my mind!

      I also agree about the nutrition side. I’ve recently cut-out all fastfood and some packaged foods from my diet. Those foods contain tons of crap in them that we don’t even know about. I mean, eggs aren’t supposed to be spongy, MCDONALDS! If it isn’t made from fresh ingridients, then i’m not eating it. It hasn’t been easy, though! It’s difficult to get away from packaged foods because all meats are packaged, but i’m trying my best. I’m hoping to just eliminate all of this crap from my diet, and purchase vegetables,fruits from farmer’s markets.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting! I’m glad im not the only one that feels that way.
      By the way, which Erica?! I know like 5 Ericas that i haven’t really been in contact with! Rinny?

  2. I’m psychic, lol! I don’t work in the medical industry but from being a patient myself can tell you – a lot of people like the “convenience” of having to take a pill. I think the lack of nutrition equals low energy and when you have low energy, it’s really hard to even care about things around you. EVERYTHING seems like a CHORE.

    Yes, though not herbal, salmon and fish oils reduce blood clotting factors and are not suppose to be used with blood thinners such as warfarin or coumadin. The same goes for garlic – it has the same properties as pharmaceutical blood thinners. I have some e-books on herbal chemistry, dosages, and contraindications if you’re interested. Would have to find it, though.

    I’m kinda on the same journey, too! Trader Joe’s has some good selections for inexpensive produce…as well as food for health – farmer markets are so expensive, ugh.

    Do you use fb or aim/messengers still? Pm me privately. Would love to chat about this stuff in more detail. Never knew you were into this stuff, really awesome! 🙂

    And yes, this be me.

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