Urban Breakout – What?

Now that I have explained my reasons behind the “Urban Breakout“, I can explain what my goals are and how i plan on achieving them.

If you could live whatever kind of life you wanted to live… that If you were to die tomorrow, you’d be perfectly content. Content because you lived exactly the kind of life that you have always wanted to live – what kind of life would it be? That’s what I asked myself and i’d like to ask you.


For me, the kind of life that would make me ultimately happy would be a life that I wouldn’t have to worry so much about money. I’d love to live in a house with about an acre or two of land. I’d have a garden where I’d grow my own vegetables, cooking herbs, and medicinal herbs. I’d love to have some chickens for eggs. If I was brave enough, I’d say I want a cow and a horse too.  I also want to figure out a way to work from home. Finally, I want to some how make a difference – no matter how small that difference is. I just want to feel like i’m helping humanity and I mean that with all of my heart.

I do realize that this may sound like every other self-sustainability blog, but this is my dream. I just want to live a simple life. What could be any more simple than just living off the land, and enjoying the fruits of your own labor? Still, whatever you decide that your dream life is – just go for it.

Too many people think that they have to settle for a 9-5 job. That we have to go to college, get a career, and work until your end of days! I say, forget that! Live life the way you want to live it. You only have ONE life. Don’t live it by other’s rules. You don’t have to fall in line, and follow the masses. Live out your dreams – whatever they are because nothing is impossible.

Think about it, technology is achieving things that many couldn’t even imagine; things that were “impossible” at the time. The other day, i read an article about how Harvard has created a brain to brain interface that allows humans to control other animals with thought alone! (Harvard creates brain to brain interface) It’s pretty scary to think that there is technology out there that that will eventually aid humans to control other humans, but that’s not the point. The point is, nothing is impossible. The only limitations are your own mind.


After you’ve thought about your dream life, you need some sort of plan to make it happen, right? The following are the steps that I think that I need to take to get started on achieving my specific goal.


My lease is up August 31st. My boyfriend and I will be staying with my mother for a month or two until we get back on our feet and save up enough to make the move. We are already physically living with her, but we still have to finish packing all of our stuff back at out apartment.


I have approximately $16,000 worth debt that i need to get rid of. I plan on getting rid of my $1,600 credit card debt before i make the move out of NYC. I’ll focus on paying off my student loans once i get settled into the next state.


A great opportunity has presented itself. My boyfriend’s mother bought the house next-doors from hers and she has offered to rent it out to us for only $350/mo!! That’s already $575 less than what we are already paying for a 1 bedroom apartment; this is a 2 bedroom house with a garage, and yard that we are talking about.

What’s the catch? It needs work and It’s in BULLHEAD CITY ,ARIZONA! Still, i gotta do what i gotta do to make my dream come true! We are planning to move either by the end of September or the end of October. It all really depends on how quickly i can pay off my credit card, and how quickly i can save up for the initial move.

Those are the baby steps that i need to take for now to get started on my way.  I plan on updating this blog once a week.

Oh, before you go I’d like to ask you a question. What is YOUR dream life, and what are the steps that you need to take to achieve them? Leave a comment below. 

Thanks for reading!

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